Web Finds for January 13, 2023

A curated list of interesting links with an emphasis on news, technology, and more by ldstephens

Apple CEO Tim Cook requests and receives a 40% pay cut after shareholder vote

“Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive a pay cut in 2023 to $49 million in total compensation, the company said in a filing with the SEC. Cook requested the change, Apple said in the filing, following a shareholder vote on his pay package. The company also reduced the number of restricted stock units Cook would receive if he retires before 2026.”

Tweetbot and other Twitter apps still broken as Elon Musk stays silent

“Tweetbot, Twitteriffic, and other popular third-party clients for Twitter are still completely broken due to issues with Twitter’s API. Despite growing complaints from Twitter users and developers alike, Elon Musk has remained silent. This is leading some people to speculate that this change is intentional and that Twitter is shutting down third-party clients altogether.”

Apple Card responsible for more than $1 billion in losses for Goldman Sachs

“Goldman Sachs submitted a regulatory filing today for its “Platform Solutions” group of businesses that includes Apple Card. The collection of consumer offerings from Goldman is on track for a loss of $4 billion since 2020 with Apple Card making up more than $1 billion of that.”

T2 a legitimate Twitter rival?

“Of all the Twitter replacements being tossed around T2 sounds like it has the most potential. I’m on the Wait List for a T2 account.”

How to Change the Undo Send Delay on Mac Mail

“The Mail app for Mac has an ability to undo the sending of email in the latest versions, but the default setting for how long you have to retract an email is 10 seconds. If you’d like to change the undo send delay in Mail for Mac, you can do so easily through the apps settings.”

The Iger Narrative Meets Its Nemesis

“How dare this guy! Bob Iger did not return triumphantly to Disney to be second-guessed, and certainly not by an 80-year-old former P&G and GE investor and former junk bond salesman like Nelson Peltz, the founder of Trian Partners, who went public with some pretty scathing criticisms this week in his pursuit of a Disney board seat. A “company in crisis”? A “flawed” streaming strategy? Ongoing “self-inflicted” wounds? That is not The Iger Narrative.”

A Faked Kidnapping and a Severed Finger: How One Mine Sank Into Mayhem Amid Coal’s Decline

“Mr. Price, a 42-year-old father of six, was an industrious businessman who ran surface operations at an underground mine, one of the nation’s largest, near Roundup, Mont. He also ran a motorcycle shop, Hawg Pit Cycles, that traded used Harley-Davidsons. And he had promised several investors big returns in coal. Recently, some of them had confronted Mr. Price about their money.”

Originally published at https://ldstephens.substack.com on January 13, 2023.

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