I dumped Twitter for Nitter

I’ve had it with Twitter and closed my account this week. That said, I want to still want follow a handful of accounts.

Here’s how I’m doing it. Nitter is a free and open-source alternative to Twitter focused on privacy and performance. The source is available on GitHub athttps://github.com/zedeus/nitter.

Nitter provides RSS feeds for every Twitter user: https://nitter.net/username/rss. Now I’m following that handful of Twitter accounts in my RSS feed reader thanks to Nitter


One thought on “I dumped Twitter for Nitter

  1. Same here. A good balance between staying on the platform and keeping in touch with people I’ve grown to really appreciate. And it has a great bonus of living with my other RSS feeds, so it can easily be replaced by Mastodon, and blog, or anything really: platform independent, albeit not perfect for consuming replies, retweets, and thread, and pictures and videos can be a bit slow sometimes.

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