How to follow a Mastodon account with RSS

As I recently wrote, “I’m on Twitter with a very narrow use case. I use it to market my blog and posts. I follow app developers of apps that I use to keep up with the latest information about their apps. And last for breaking news. That’s it!”

One of the app developers that I follow on Twitter is developer of BBEdit. The other day they tweeted that they would no longer be active on Twitter and to follow them on Mastodon.

I don’t plan to open a Mastodon account, so I thought that maybe I could follow a Mastodon account by RSS. Well, it turns out that I can. “You can follow any Mastodon account via RSS by just adding “.rss” to the end of the account’s public profile URL.” This is the RSS feed to follow BBEdit on Mastodon. Source

As more accounts abandon Twitter for Mastodon, I’ll follow them by RSS in Reeder.

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