ForecastAdvisor will show you the accuracy of the major weather forecasters, including Accuweather, AerisWeather, Foreca, the National Weather Service, Open Weatherman, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, Wetter, World Weather Online, and Weather News. We also provide links to your city’s weather forecast from all the other weather forecasters, so you can compare for yourself.

The overall accuracy percent is computed from the one- to three-day out accuracy percentages for high temperature, low temperature, icon forecast precipitation (both rain and snow), and text forecast precipitation (both rain and snow). Temperature accuracy is the percentage of forecasts within three degrees. Precipitation accuracy is the percentage of correct forecasts. The forecasts are collected in the evening each day.

This is a great service if you live in an area where an accurate weather forecast is important.

From my experience, Foreca and The Weather Channel are the most accurate for where I live. is also good but not covered by ForecastAdvisor.

I use Carrot Weather which includes Foreca, Dark Sky, Apple Weather, AccuWeather,, AerisWeather, and MeteoGroup for sources. It’s also very easy to switch between sources in Carrot Weather. For The Weather Channel, I check the website.

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