A few quick thoughts on iOS 16

I don’t usually install a new OS on day one but with iOS 16 I did. I was excited about the changes to Mail, Reminders, and Notes.


I was looking forward to Remind Me in iOS 16 Mail. It’s there but disappointing. Emails with reminders stay in the inbox instead of going to a different folder until the reminder comes due at which point the email goes back to the inbox.

I like many others religiously practice inbox zero. This isn’t going to work for us. I have to continue using a different app to snooze emails. This is total bullshit! Hopefully, Apple will fix this in an upcoming update.


I use Reminders + Goodtasks for task management. In iOS 16 Smart Folders and filters are much improved. The one feature that I was looking for in Reminders was the ability to create Smart Folders with a list. Now with iOS 16, I can choose to filter a Smart Folder with a list or a tag.

Maybe after I’ve upgraded to iOS16/iPadOS16/Ventura, I’ll be able to ditch GoodTask?


Notes just keeps getting better with every update. What else can I say?

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