Ads on your iPhone

Apple, the Ad Critic, Now Embraces Ads

New York Times

Plus, Apple’s campaign to crack down on existing ad methods and sell its own ads opens the company to criticism that it’s acting hypocritical.

​Yes, it does.

but the company wants more ways to earn income to keep growing as sales of smartphones stagnate. Bloomberg News and The Financial Times have recently reported that Apple plans to expand its advertising business, including by potentially showing commercials in Apple Maps and other sites and apps.

​Look, I think what Apple is doing here is total bullshit. We pay a lot of money to use Apple products. Why should we have to see ads so they can make more money? The ads in Apple News are so obnoxious that I refuse to use the app. And what about the fucking ads I see every time I search for something in the App Store. What about the digital snooping that Apple is doing to serve these ads?

I guess we don’t have a choice in the end, but it sure pisses me off!

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