How to import Reminders todos into Things 3 without deleting the todos in Reminders

A few months back I switched from Things to Apple’s Reminders for my todos. Last week I switched back to Things.

In the process of switching, I had one issue. Things import deletes all the todos in Reminders. I didn’t want to delete the todos in Reminders because I want to run both apps in parallel for a few days.

So here’s what I did to avoid the todos being deleted from Reminders. FYI my to-do list is only 112 items. I created a list in Reminders called Things Import. I copied all my todos in Reminders and pasted them into the Things Import list.

Then I followed this procedure in Things.

At step five in the procedure, I selected the Things Import list.

Per the following, I had some todos that didn’t import and were still in my Things Import list in Reminders. I added those to Things manually and then deleted them from the Things Import list.

Now Things and Reminders are in sync. By the way, I did this on my Mac.

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