ldstephens for 2021

We’re hours away from the end of 2020. The last 12 months have been like nothing that has gone before. What a shit-show it has been.

I’m looking forward to 2021 with hope. We now have a vaccine that will bring an end to the pandemic. We have a new administration taking office that will bring an end to the craziness of Donald Trump. Although the next year will be impossible to predict there’s hope that by mid-year we’ll be back to something resembling normal.

What’s ahead for 2021

I write because I like the process of writing. It helps me think through things that I have going on in my mind. It helps me get shit off my chest. And I like writing about technology tips, tricks, and how-to’s. In fact, eight of my top ten viewed posts for 2020 fall into that category.

For 2021 I’ll be publishing on two different platforms. I’ve found over the last 12 months that each platform is a different audience for my writing. – is my main blogging platform where I continue to write about Apple hardware, apps, and news.

Medium – is where I write about things other than Apple. With that said, I do repost most of the articles published on to Medium because I have a sizable tech following here too.

I wrote this article to help organize my thoughts about how I want to approach my writing in 2021. Thank you for being a faithful reader.

Happy New Year