Apple Watch calls 911 after man fainted

This is one of the reasons I wear an Apple Watch. According to a report by Phoenix, Arizona news outlet KATR an Apple Watch user fainted and collapsed, and the fall detection feature called 911.

On April 23, the Chandler Police Department’s Communications Center received a 911 call from a computer-enhanced voice indicating an Apple Watch user had fallen and was not responding.

The voice provided near-exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the man’s location to first responders.

Patrol officers and the Chandler Fire Department were dispatched to the location. They found the man wearing the Apple Watch had fainted and collapsed.

“He would never have been able to provide us his location or any information on what was going on,” said dispatch supervisor Adriana Cacciola. “He wasn’t even aware that any help was coming until we were already there.”

I have fallen a few times and Fall Detection has worked for me each time. Luckily my falls haven’t required emergency services. If you have an Apple Watch you might want to make sure Fall Detection is on. It could save your life.