The mistake I made by re-publishing my blog content to Medium

I came across this article the other day “Do’s & Don’ts of Re-publishing Content on Medium or LinkedIn”. The article has some good guidance on re-posting your blog content to Medium.

Here’s what I got out of the article. My blog was losing readership because I was re-publishing my content on Medium. Why? Google was ranking my Medium posts higher in googles search results. Thus my Medium posts were getting all the readership. I tested this with a few google searches. In each case tested my Medium post would show up on the first or second page of results. The original post from my blog didn’t show up at all in the first ten pages of results and I didn’t look any further.

Here’s how this is explained in the “Do’s & Don’ts of Re-publishing Content on Medium or LinkedIn” article:

Re-posting your content or syndicating it on other sites is great for expanding your reach and capturing a new audience, but if it’s not done correctly, you could run into some ramifications, such as a loss in traffic and being penalized by Google, hurting your rank.

Due to higher site authority, there’s a good possibility that your article on LinkedIn, Medium, or other sites could outrank the original piece on your website in search results.

If you have a blog and are re-publishing to Medium or LinkedIn do yourself a favor and read the article. You may want to quit re-publishing to Medium as I have.