Web Finds for September 2, 2017

Web Finds are from my web surfing travels. You’ll find some unique, informative, and some of the coolest websites and apps that you may have never known existed. Enjoy!

MarginNote is a powerful Mac and iOS reading tool for learners. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer or someone with a curious mind to learn, MarginNote can help you quickly organize, study and manage large volumes of PDFs and EPUBs. All in one learning app enables you to highlight PDF and EPUB, take note, create mind map, review flashcards and saves you from switching endlessly between different Apps.

Raindrop.io is a Mac and iOS bookmark manager service for your inspiration, read later, media and stuff. Save anything from around the web, articles, photos, videos, presentations, web sites screenshots and more. Organize with autosuggested tags, thematic collections, bulk operations and more.

And no I’m not leaving Pinboard.

Power Manager
Power Manager is Mac software that reduces a computer’s energy costs. Power Manager lets you automate sophisticated tasks and improve your Mac’s power management. With Power Manager you can create sophisticated energy saving schedules and automate complex tasks. Power Manager can power on a Mac, run a series of tasks, and power off the Mac without requiring any interaction.

SuperTab or Contexts 3
SuperTab and Context 3 are Mac apps for switching between application windows. They are Command-Tab options on steroids.

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