iOS RSS Feed Reader

Last week David Sparks tweeted out some codes (they’ve all been taken) to get a free version of the iOS app Unread.

That got me thinking, I haven’t used Unread for quite some time. I switched from Unread to Reeder about a year ago so maybe it’s time to give Unread another look. So I went into my paid apps in the App Store and downloaded it.

I put Unread on my iPhone home screen and relegated Reeder to a folder on my second page for seldom used apps. After a couple of days using Unread I moved back to Reeder. Don’t get me wrong, Unread is a nice app and if you’re looking for an iOS RSS reader app you should definitely give it a try.

Here’s why I prefer Reeder over Unread. The way Reeder presents the feed is easier for me to quickly scan through. Also saving things to Instapaper for reading later in Reeder is a left swipe but in Unread it’s three actions a long press on the article -> tap share -> tap Instapaper.