Blogging on Medium

I used to love Medium but I’ve become disillusioned with the new direction it has been taking both from a reading and writing stand point. Looking for interesting stories to read used to be simple. Not anymore. Medium was a place for the little guy to write and hopefully get noticed by a few people. Not anymore.

I know the folks at Medium are looking for a way to make money but I’m not sure the changes they’re making are going to get them there. There are those who think Medium is destined for ultimate failure.

Medium stumbling forward | Manton Reece

Dave Winer isn’t optimistic about the recent Medium changes:

We’re in the long tail of the demise of Medium. They’ll try this, and something else, and then another thing, each with a smaller probability of making a difference, until they turn it off.

This has been the concern with Medium since the very beginning. Because they defaulted to Medium-branded user blogs on instead of your own blog at a personal domain name, there was a risk that if Medium didn’t work out as a business, many great posts would disappear along with the service. You might get more readers in the short-term, but it’s a bad trade-off when links break and you have to start all over again.

I’ve been re-publishing the original content that I write here on Medium since I started this blog. Not anymore.