Tip – How to re-open recently closed tabs in Safari for Mac the easy way

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in Safari and wanted to get it back? I have. This usually happens when I’m doing research and have several tabs open at the same time. Sometimes I close one thinking I’m done with it and then realize I need it again. Other times I close one by accident.

Safari’s ⌘ + Z to the rescue. From Safari on the Mac, I can simply hit ⌘ + Z and the last closed browser tab or window will reopen. If I hit the ⌘ + Z keystroke again I can open the next most recently closed browser tab or window. If I do it 20 times, the 20 most recently closed browser tabs and windows will reopen.

I can also do it this way. From any active Safari browser window on the Mac, click and hold on the “+” plus button in the Safari tab bar and then select the tab to reopen from the drop down list of recently closed tabs.