Moving read later to Pinboard – No more Pocket – No more Instapaper

I’ve used read later services since around 2012. In the past, I’ve kept my bookmarks in Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, Notes, Bear, and sometimes a combination of the above. I was never happy with any one system until I moved all my bookmarks to Pinboard.

I’m a recent convert to Pinboard. My move to Pinboard was influenced by Brett Terpstra, the developer of nvALT and Marked, and Gabe Weatherhead of MacDrifter. They spoke so highly of Pinboard that I wanted to give it a go. I went all in with the archiving account.

Since I moved all my bookmarks to Pinboard I started to wonder if I still needed Instapaper? The answer. No.

I now save all my read later to Pinboard. There is a healthy ecosystem of apps around the Pinboard service, as a read later solutions. I use Readkit on my Mac and Pinner on my iPhone for managing my bookmarks and reading later. After reading an article I delete it or if I want to keep it I mark it read and add the appropriate tag(s).