I want to share a new podcast with my iOS fans. AppStores is a new podcast by Federico Vittici and John Voorhees over at MacStories. Here’s Federico writing about the new show:

Just like MacStories is our personal chronicle of the world of Apple, AppStories will be an ongoing exploration of the world of apps. Our goal is to provide listeners with a fresh perspective on the App Store and its ramifications with episodes that are easy to follow, well-researched, and respectful of their time.

We want AppStories to stand out as the premier show entirely focused on apps. That includes interviews with app makers, an analysis of the app culture and opportunities created by the app economy, as well as stories about our own relationship with apps. We have a lot of ideas for topics to cover, and it’s going to be a long journey.

I’m a fan of MacStories and Federico’s other podcasts Canvas and Connected. I listened to the first two episodes of the new AppStories podcast and recommend it. The first two episodes are here.