Tip – Search sites with DuckDuckGo !Bangs

I’ve been using DuckDuckGo search for a few years and I just recently discovered searching with !Bangs.

Bangs allow me to search on thousands of sites, directly. I do a lot of research for my stories so bangs have allowed me to search specific sites for the result I’m looking for. For example, if I’m looking for a specific story on TechCrunch I can type “!tc” followed by the content of my search. This would take me to the search results on TechCrunch.com.

I use “!g” a lot because I don’t always get the result I’m looking for with a DuckDuckGo search. The bang “!g” runs a google search with an encrypted Google search result as if I were searching on Google itself.

There are thousands of !Bangs. Go here and give it a try.