How I use the keyboard for text expansion on iOS

Are you tired of typing out long words, names, email addresses, web addresses, or entire sentences over and over again? Well, save yourself some time and effort. Set up keyboard shortcuts for any and all the text you type regularly on iOS.

Copied, on iOS, has a cool keyboard that can be used for text expansion. I set up a list in Copied called Text Expander where I keep all my snippets.


Then I have this list selected in the Copied keyboard so that when I switch to the Copied keyboard all my snippets are available.


I make this the last keyboard in the list of custom keyboards. This allows me to long-press on the keyboard switcher to quickly select Copied. Then when I’m done then one tap on the switcher takes me back to the regular keyboard.

I really like the keyboard for Copied in iOS. It’s convenient and has many uses beyond text expansion. I recently wrote about how I use Copied in more detail here.

Copied for iOS
Copied for Mac