Rambling, March 19, 2017

I tried out a few new Mac apps this week. Devonthink, Better Touch Tool, Magnet, and Brett Terpstra’s SearchLink. These are all apps for increased productivity. Devonthink and Better Touch Tool are both Mac apps that come highly recommended by Mac power users. SearchLink is a specialized app for use in conjunction with writing in markdown.

These are powerful apps but their power capabilities are beyond my simpler needs. Like Keyboard Maestro the more power an app has the harder and longer the learning curve is. The investment in time doesn’t pan out for me. And in some cases I can do the same thing in Alfred.

I came across Magnet on Mac Stories this week. Jake Underwood gave it a good review so I thought I would check it out.

Magnet increases your options for snapping windows into pre-defined positions from just two to over fifteen. Rather than just choosing which side you’d like each window on, you can display a window in several different ways, including in the top right, bottom half, or left third. The value of Magnet is in the flexibility and freedom it enables.

Since it’s on sale for 99 cents I went ahead and purchased it. Money well spent! What I like about the app is the ability to control my open windows with hotkeys or the dropdown menu in the task bar. Magnet is definitely worth the price. You can grab Magnet here while it’s still on sale.