My favorite clipboard manager for iOS and macOS

The best way to copy, paste, and re-use text snippets on iOS and macOS

I ran across Copied for macOS and Copied for iOS a few months ago. I don’t remember how I discovered it but I’m glad I did. Copied is a great clipboard manager for both with iCloud sync.

Copied has quickly become my favorite way to save and reuse text, images, and URLs. It is also the way I exchange data between my iPhone and Macs using iCloud sync.

I’ve been using Copied for tasks such as copying links, images, snippets of frequently used text, personal data, and more. Copied has become indispensable when putting together stories such as this one.

I like being able to organize clippings in lists. This makes an easy way to find frequently used clippings. Another feature I like is being able to select multiple clippings and perform copy, merge, add to list, delete or drag and drop operations.

If you’re a regular clipboard user you’re going to want to check Copied out. You can download here.

Download – Copied for iOS

Download – Copied for macOS