Instapaper Premium is now free for everyone

My favorite read-it-later app Instapaper has made their premium features free to everyone. According to the blog post, current premium users will be given a pro-rated refund.

Today we’re making Instapaper Premium available to all Instapaper users, free of charge. Instapaper Premium is the best way to experience all that Instapaper has to offer, and we’re excited to open it up to everyone.

Before, some of our greatest features were limited to Instapaper Premium subscribers. Now that we’re better resourced, we’re able to offer everyone the best version of Instapaper. Starting today, all users will have access to:

  • An ad-free Instapaper website

  • Full-text search for all articles

  • Unlimited Notes

  • Text-to-speech playlists

  • Unlimited speed reading

  • “Send to Kindle” via bookmarklet and mobile apps

  • Kindle Digests of up to 50 articles